Together, we make an IMPACT.



  • Programs to enrich the minds and bodies of older adults


  • Job training for people with special needs


  • Support to provide safety, security, and well-being for Jews globally


  • Community engagement to foster meaningful relationships


  • Social services for families and youth


  • And so much more...


Gifts to JFund provide the necessary support to our family of agencies, who in turn provide the programs and services our community has come to love and depend on. 


DONATE TODAY and make an IMPACT on tomorrow. 


Restore Hope

to families who, through job loss, have lost their footing. To Holocaust survivors who deserve to live out their lives with comfort and dignity. 

Awaken Identity

by engaging small children with Judaism through the gift of PJ Library books. By reviving our culture and religion in places where it was all but destroyed.

Find the Israel Within

through mentoring at-risk Israeli teens, enabling them to join society. Through vital job training and Hebrew classes for new and struggling immigrants.