Thank You

Thank you to our current 2021 Federation donors. Their support helps care for those in need, builds a safe and strong Jewish community, and impacts the lives of thousands - not only in South Jersey but in Israel and around the world as well. 


Please consider joining this list of generous donors to the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey.



Donors to our Heroes Campaign have made special designated gifts for the long-term support of our Federation and family of agencies.

Jane Davis and Family

Estate of Sandra Feldman*

Emily and Milt Gottschalk

   Gottschalk Family Endowment Fund

JFNA Human Services Relief Matching Fund

Jewish Federation Covid-19 Response Fund

JSHHS Housing Grant 

Judy and Donald* Love

Roslyn and Stanley Middleman

The Raymond & Gertrude Saltzman Foundation

Vicki and Brian Zell

   Federation Leadership Institute Endowment


Pacesetter level and above individuals, couples, families, corporations, and foundations who have made their commitments to our unrestricted annual JFund campaign, our Federations’ Areas of Impact, the Weinberg Commons, and our COVID-19 Response Fund. Please note: These totals do not include donations directed to Agency programs and services.


Jane Davis
Estate of Sandra Feldman*
Emily and Milt Gottschalk
Jewish Federation of North America
Judy and Donald* Love
Roslyn and Stanley Middleman
New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund
The Raymond and Gertrude Saltzman Foundation
Arlene and Norman Silvers
The Mildred M Soefer Family Foundation
Vicki and Brian Zell


Marvin Samson Foundation
   Joanna Greenfield
   Marvin Samson
NFI Industries
   Sandy and Sid Brown
   Tracy and Jeff Brown
Platt Memorial Chapels, Inc.
   Hilary and Harry Platt
   Judy and Bernie Platt
Estate of Ruth Saltzman*
Amy and Dave Sclarsky


Maxine and Robert Bluth
   Laura and Jeffrey Gottlieb
   Kelly and Larry Gottlieb
   Lynne and Michael Gottlieb
Jane Kramer
Fran and Leon Levy
ACE Fund of Mildred Sbar*
ACE Fund of Louis Silverman*


Donna and Richard Bell
Marsha Dollinger
ACE Fund of Richard Goodwin*
Stacey and Ed Rivkin
Martin and Nora Salzman Foundation
   Nora and Martin Salzman
Gail and Harvey Shapiro
Jen and Jim Weiss


Roberta and Art Abramowitz
Abby and Bob Belafsky
Brodsky Foundation
   Lois and Julian Brodsky
Stephanie and Chuck Cahn
Elkins Chevrolet
Barbara and Elliott Coleman
Nanci and Michael Epstein
Miriam and Alan Feldman
Caren and Mark Fendrick
Judy Franken
Lori and Rick Goldstein
Sara-ellen and Alan Greenberg
Bobbi and Gerry Grossman
Ace Fund of JFedSNJ
Kaminer Financial Group Ltd.
   Amanda and Adam Kaminer
   Sandra and Arnie Kaminer

Helene and Rabbi Aaron Krupnick
M. Rosenblatt Roofing
   Gina and Eric Meller
   Elaine and Stephen Meller
Sandy and Howard Needleman
Zev Rose
Flo and Mark Rosen
Gerrie and Achim Rudoler
Sydria and Scott Schaffer
Shane Charitable Trust
   Gail* and Bill Shane
Elaine Waxman
Judy and Leonard Wizmur
Wolf Commercial Real Estate, LLC
   Leah and Jason Wolf
   WCRE Foundation
Valerie and Michael Yasner


Ruth and Jeffrey Abrams
Adler’s Pharmacy LTC, Inc.
   Pamela & Mark Adler
Linda and Steve Angstreich
Janice and Jerry Apple
Apple Physcial Therapy
   Nikki and Adam David
Caroline and Scott Austin
Liz Baim and Sam Bierig
Alison Bell Keim and Andrew Keim
Ronit and Chris Boyd
Caryn and David Bross
Jana Caras Gelernt and Mark Gelernt
Enid R. Charen* Family Trust
Amy and Eric Clayman
Janis and Roy Cohen
Kim and Jacob Cohn
Fran and Neal Cupersmith
Margie and Mark Dannenbaum
Peggy and Rabbi Jerome David
Ceil and Kolman Diamond
ACE Fund of Richard Dollinger*
Anita Farber
Stacy Lewin Farber and Dan Farber
Joan Feinberg
Phyllis and Neal Flomenberg
Bonnie Friedman
Marcy and Brian Friedman
Glenn Fuhrman
Valerie and David Gladfelter
Gold Gerstein Group
   Arlene and Ed Plasky
Myra and David Gutin
Lil and Joe Hassman
Robyn and Michael Hirsch
Barbara and Mark Jacobs
ACE Fund of Jfed SNJ
Kramer Beverage
   Heather and Mark Kramer
Patricia and Randy Lahn
Olga and Scott Lerner
Andi and Neil Levin
Dever and Simon Levy

Suzanne and Victor Levy
Rebecca and Warren Levy
Ron Lieberman
Judie and Harry Morrow
Elyse and Andy Mulberg
Odell Studner Group
   Lisa and Brett Studner
ACE Fund of Robert* and Marjorie* Paul
Nancy and Robert Perilstein
Barbara and Bob Pick
Rita and Alan Polonsky
Princeton Hosted Solutions
Marsha and Marvin Raab
Frani and Don Rebhun
Ronni and Mark Reiner
Bonnie Rosenberg
Gerri and Art Rudner
Ivan Rudolph
Judy Ruttenberg
Sharon and Adam Sackstein
Marcy Sanders
ACE Fund of Harold* and Marcy Sanders
Martine, Katz Scanlon and Schimmel Family Law
   Shira and Brian Scanlon
Betsy and Bob Schwartz
Segal and Iyer Orthodontics
   Elana and Ross Segal
Steven Shapiro
SHM Financial
   Sharon and Stan Molotsky
Allison and David Snyder
Janine and Mark Sobel
Marge Sobel
The Bannett Group
   Judy and Barry Bannett
   Alysa and Scott Bannett
The Schwartz Foundation
   Robert Schwartz
Cookie and Allan Weinberg
Natalie and Warren Werbitt
Lori and Jonathan Winter
Sandy Zeller
ACE Fund of Julius* and Rosetta* Zinman


Gail and Robert Belfer
Amy and Andrew Blackstone
ACE Fund of Irene Bobis*
June and Steven Eisner
Ilene and Harry Grossman
Melissa and Kevin Harris
Beth and K.C. Isdaner
Jodi Kaufman Cooper and
   Stanley Cooper
Alise and Ken Panitch

Donna and Leon Rose
Carol and Ed Rosof
Susan and David Rush
Clara and Larry Schreiber
Barbara and Jake Spigelman
Florence and Thomas Stein
TD Bank


Betty Adler
Marylee and Stuart Alperin
Debbi and Michael Bass
Jacqueline and Steven Baumgarten
Pam and Bob Benedon
Evelyn and Alan Berkowitz
Bobbi and Larry Bernstein
Scott Braunstein
Ruth and Jeff Brenner
Helene and Saul Bresalier
Anat and Adam Cohen
Jane and Peter Cohen
Lisa and Mitchell Conn
Columbia Bank
Jody and Lee Dembo
Ina and Herbert Deutsch
Jamie Dollinger and Robert Hirsch
Gail and Richard Donner
Dana and David Dunkelman
Susan and Bruce Eisenberg
Reva and Jeff Farenback-Brateman
Fuzzy Fendrick
Fendrick and Morgan, LLC
Debbie and Allen Fineberg
Barbara and Rabbi Steven Fineblum
Jennifer and David Fleisher
Susan and Steven Freiberg
Sheryl and Joel Friedman
Cora and Mitchell Fuhrman
Randi & Richard Gerstein
Felice Ginsburg

Debra and Sanford Gips
Ann-Linn and Larry Glaser
Donna and Gary Green
Jane and Steven Greenfogel
Jane and Robert Gumnit
Jaye and Leonard Halpern
Judy and Steven Herzberg
Sherri and Ken Hoffman
Jill and David Hulnick
Shari & Carl Hyder
Dawnna and Marc Isdaner
Marlene and Bernard Jacobs
Carolyn M. Jacobs
Jewish Community Foundation
Carol and Richard Josselson
Susan and Joel Kaber
Sharla and Mort Kanovsky
Amy and Barney Kaplan
Jerome Katz
Joann and Lewis* Kay
Adeline Schultz and James Klein
ACE Fund of Harry Krotman*
Robin Sue and Bill Landsburg
Helena and Norman Lehrer
Lynne and Andy Levin
Maria and Ben Levin
Stacy and Andy Levin
Sandi and Joe Lichtman
   Lichtman Assoc. Real Estate, Inc.
Lincoln Financial Foundation Inc.
Paula Luborsky
Andi and Jay Malamut

Phyllis and Michael Markoff
Linda and Hank Maurer
Janet and Howard Mendel
Marci and Nick Meyers
Hope and Keith Morgan
Marcy and Michael Partnow
Nancy and Manny Pearl
Jackie and William Pearson
Beth and Joseph Reichman
Jamie and Jesse Richman
Carol and Jeff Roth
Anita Rothstein
Ivy and Eric Rovner
Naomi and Barry Schimmer
Allison and Scott Schulman
Harriet Schulman
Meri and Scott Seligman
Alison and Mark Shapiro
Jennifer and Brett Sholder
Geraldine and Ira Smith
Tema Steele
Barbara and Howard Strosberg
Susan and Mark Trager
Judy and Stuart Wasserlauf
Karin Elkis and Steve Weinstein
Stanley R. Wolfe Foundation
   K.C. and Eli Wolfe
Karen and Allan Zarembski
Jodi and Mitchell Ziets
Suzy and Jeff Zucker
Jessica and David Zuckerman


Rhoda S. Abrams
Shelley Adler
Susan and Jonathan Anolik
Lois Asbell
Ann and Donald Auerbach
Iris and Steven Auerbach
Cathy and Marc Backal
Lori and Carl Bagell
Julie and Gregg Bannett
Debby Baratz
Nancy and Robert Barsky
Marcia and Edward Baruch
Susan and Arnie Baskies
Jennifer and Andy Bender
Rose and Bob Bergman
Shelli and Fred Berlinsky
Tara and Michael Berman
Rebecca and Richard Berman
Helene and Alan Blumenfeld
Andrew Bondy
Hazzan Alisa Pomerantz-Boro and Stephen Boro
Jocelyn Borowsky
Michelle and David Brill
Lois and David Bromberg
Christopher Bruner
Linda Burkett
Janice and Robert Campbell
Karen and Rusty Cassway
Donna and Douglas Cohen
Cheri and Matthew Cohen
Nina Cohen and Karl Lane
Rhona and Sandy Cohen
Stefanie and Steven Cohen
Sy Corwin
Fay and Stanley David
Alex Dergalis
Fran and Alan Domers
Rande Dubrow
Judy and Arthur Edell
Marcia and Edwin Eisenberg
Eileen and Bob Elias
Shirley and Jim Feigenbaum
Nikki* and Len Feldman
Bonnie and Martin Finkel
Carol and Joel Fleisher
Natali Franzblau and Robert Singer
Barbara and Harold Friedman
Maris and Randel Friedman
Friends of Israel
Ellen Garber
GE Foundation
Ira Gerber

Ron Gerson
Randi and Richard Gerstein
Jennifer and Michael Gerstein
Sharon and Charles Goldstein
Jackie and Stuart Goldstein
Michele Goldstein
Michele and Curt Golkow
Barbara and Elliott* Goodfriend
Sandra S. Gordon
Kimberly Kalitan-Greenberg and Adam Greenberg
Robin and Stephen Greenberg
Robyn Greenberg and William Gelernt
Michael Greenspun
Cindi and Yakir Hasit
Sabra Hess Weinberg and Sean Weinberg
Susan and Harry Horwitz
Alice and Craig Jacobs
Linda and Leonard Jacobs
Kathy and Michael Jacobs
Lynn and Bill Jungreis
Joanne Kahn
Suzanne and Richard Kahn
Barbara and Gary Kanalstein
Martha and Frank Karasick
Carol and Howard Katz
David Kaufman
Gloria and Sheldon Kerner
Cheryl and John Kirby
Deborah Shore and Jonathan Korn
Deborah and Robert Kotzen
Jill and Jeffrey Kraus
Debbie and Howard S. Kroop
Deborah and Lawrence Kull
Rachel and Fred Kurz
Joan Langer
Julie and Scott Levine
Marlene Levy
Beth Lincow Cole
Gail Lipsky
Shelly and Charles Lobel
Lorell Family Foundation
   Susan and Dennis Lorell
Suzanne & Allan Magaziner
Marjorie and Louis Mann
Marla and Daniel Meyers
Ann and Bernard Miller
Pnina and Mark Mintz
Janet and Jay Mintzer
Suzanne and Kenneth Morgan
Morgan Law LLC
NJM Insurance Group
Jackie and Charles Nusbaum

Phyllis Odessey
Susan and David Olinsky
Terri and Zach Oppenheimer
Shirley and Richard Perkins
Katherine and Michael Perloff
Roberta and Joel Porter
Laurel and David Portnoe
Ernest Post
Hope & Michael Proper
Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick and Jeff Resnick
Cheryl and Alan Raskas
Minna Recht
Ilene Rosen and Todd Rowan
Mindy and Ben Rosenblum
Barbara and David Rothberg
Erica and Jerry Rothkoff
Rabbi Bernard Rothman
Shirley and Mort Rubinstein
Fredda Sacharow and Steve Stern
Leslie and Steve Sacharow
Mindy and Michael Schorr
Tracy and Rick Schwartz
Lew Schwarz
Cheryl and Chuck Scott
Faye and Gary Shapiro
Susan and Stanley Shumas
Carole and Norman Siegel
Rabbi Richard Simon
Judy and Edgar Stein
Debra and Robert Stern
Patti and Randy Stilman
Gretchen and Paul Stolpen
Andrea and Steven Stomel
Ronda Stonick
Sydney and Carl Tinkelman
Karlene and Alan Turtz
Miriam and Myles Turtz
VMX Technologies
Barbara and Joe Walkes
Jo-Ann and Howard Waxman
Missy and Adam Wayne
Ilene and Michael Weinberg
Marie and Andrew Weiner
Linda Weiss and Josh Matusow
Richard Weiss
Ann and Daniel Wolf
Gregg Wolfe
Deena and Dave Worrell
Shari and Seth Young
Sarah and Ron Zanger
Sally and Andrew Zeiberg
Jennifer and Ralph Zonies

*Of Blessed Memory


Federation’s fiscal year runs from October 1 – September 30. Listed are commitments made between October 1, 2020 – April 16, 2021.

Please note: These totals do not include donations directed to an Agency program or service.