Jewish Business Network of Southern New Jersey

The Jewish Business Network of Southern New Jersey (JBN) is an affinity group of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey. 


JBN is dedicated to professional business networking and education. This affinity group was formed with the mission to facilitate business between our members and the Jewish community at large. JBN also fosters awareness about Jewish and world causes and opportunities. 


JBN helps its members meet other business professionals through its networking events with the hope of forming social and business relationships that result in increased business and Jewish awareness. Networking events are the perfect place to make new business contacts, increase sales, meet potential partners, look for jobs, and recruit new employees. 


JBN has many ways you can get involved: 

  • Regular morning networking meetings
  • Lunchtime speakers
  • After-hours networking events
  • Philanthropic activities


As a continually growing affinity group, JBN is actively seeking new corporate members and sponsors. We welcome individuals, established companies, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, creative services, nonprofits, and other professionals who want to network and grow professionally. JBN provides an informal climate in which to network with a diverse group of professionals. 


To learn more about JBN membership and corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact Rachel Lippoff at, or 856.751.9500 x1402. 

Networking Opportunities

  • Build business relationships
  • Network with all types of professionals
  • Grow your business through referrals

Sponsor a meeting and present your business! 

Morning Meetings

JBN meets on the third Wednesday of each month from 7:30-9:00 am at the Jewish Community Campus in Cherry Hill, NJ. Interested in finding out more about JBN? Please be our guest one time at no charge! Job seekers are welcome at no cost. 


Become a Member

Contact Rachel Lippoff at or 856.751.9500 x1402.