Gift of Israel

Team up with Jewish Federation to give the gift of a lifetime!

Gift of Israel is a cooperative savings program, co-funded by the family, the synagogue, and the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey (through contributions to JFund) that strengthens Jewish identity by helping students afford a trip to Israel.*

*Gift of Israel may be used for Religious School students for a confirmation trip or for Day School students for an 8th grade trip, or a similar program.The funds are intended to cover a portion of the cost of an Israel program. Prices of Israel programs vary and the amount of Gift of Israel funds available may not cover the entire cost. 

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Children must be enrolled in Jewish education through 10th grade to participate in the Gift of Israel program, or day school students using funds for an 8th grade trip.
Students may use the money through age 23 to participate in any recognized educationally-sponsored program to Israel. Eligible programs include community-sponsored trips, day school trips (this includes the day school 8th grade trip), congregational youth programs, national movement trips, and college study.

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