The Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and its family of agencies is committed to meeting the critical needs of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can help directly support individuals and families in need with your gift to our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund. Thank you for your generosity during these unprecedented times.

Help our most vulnerable during this pandemic with the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

Click here to see a list of those who have already joined us in raising funds.

DONATE BY MAIL- Send check to: Jewish Federation of SNJ, 1301 Springdale Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003.
In the memo line put: COVID-19 Donation.

We are challenging our community to raise $500,000 to help meet critical needs. 


The Jewish Federation and our family of agencies - as well as hundreds of volunteers - have been working tirelessly for the past 6 weeks to provide help, comfort, and strength to community members in need. Many days, we receive over 100 calls for food and financial assistance. The need in South Jersey is great. We now need YOUR HELP to continue addressing the immediate needs of individuals and families in our community. 


 Thanks to the generosity of our community, we have already raised over $300,000. Combined with the $186,000 in generous grants we secured from The Raymond & Gertrude R. Saltzman Foundation, the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc., and the Jewish Federation's Jewish Women's Foundation, we have just $79,000 to go to meet our goal of $500,000. 

Every dollar raised for the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund will provide direct support to individuals and families in need right here in our own backyard.  

Importance of Donating

Message from our Jewish Federation CEO Jennifer Dubrow Weiss:

We Need Your Support

A message from Vicki Zell, Executive Director of the Raymond & Gertrude R. Saltzman Foundation

Your Help is Crucial

A message from Sara-ellen Greenberg, Marketing Chair of the JFED's Jewish Women's Foundation

Support our Community

A message from Sydria Schaffer, President of the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc.

The Jewish Federation family of agencies has been hard at work these past few weeks ensuring that the critical needs of the community are met during this pandemic: 

"Just seeing your envelope in my mailbox brought a calm over me. And then to my complete surprise when I opened the envelope, there was not one card, but two! Prayers answered! Without your gift card, I would not have had the money to pay for and get my medicine. Miracles like this take my breath away - in a good way! Just know that I am forever grateful." - JFCS client


"I was able to get the family I was assigned to everything on their list and when after speaking with the mom, Tracey, I learned she had an 11 year old son. I added apple juice, cookies and ice cream to the list! The drop off at the curb gave me the opportunity to still say hello from the door. A sweet family. I was humbled and privileged to help." -Suzanne, Shop & Drop Volunteer 


My client received the food and was in tears. She called me to make sure that she hadn't gotten someone else's bags because there was so much food that she couldn't believe it was all for her. She became emotional on the phone and just said: "[these kindnesses] continue to just show me how many good people there are in the world."


"The JFCS has given me a reason to go on. I try to give back to the JFCS community in any way I can. I so appreciate the ShopRite card, I cried.”

Staying connected. Helping those in need.

Supporting our Jewish community.


JFED Shop & Drop program for those that are homebound and are not able to get groceries. Volunteers shop and then drop off their order without coming in contact. Learn more. 

32 Fitness & Wellness
Virtual Classes


Katz JCC is offering fitness & wellness virtual classes each week. 

Over 900
Passover Meals


JFCS Catered Home Delivery Meal Program packs meal orders for each client then has a "no contact" pick-up or delivery process. Packing is done by staff and delivery with the help of volunteers.

Over 400


JFED continues to reach out to the community and keeping them engaged with various video conferencing platforms including Zoom. We have had several thousand participants. 


Thank you to our
COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund Donors



Raymond & Gertrude R. Saltzman Foundation

Jewish Community Foundation, Inc.

Jewish Women’s Foundation

$5,000+ DONORS


Amy & Barnard Kaplan
Alison Bell Keim & Andrew Keim
Judith Nadell & John Langan
Judy & Donald Love
Ravitz Family Foundation
Wegman's Supermarket

$1,000-$4,999 DONORS

Roberta & Arthur Abramowitz
Ruth & Jeffrey Abrams
Donna & Richard Bell
Joyce Lynn Branfman
Tanya & Bucky Buchman
Harvey Cohen
Fran & Neal Cupersmith
Peggy & Rabbi Jerome David
Gail & Richard Donner
Miriam & Alan Feldman
First Bank
Jennifer & David Fleisher
Valerie & David Gladfelter
Lori & Richard Goldstein
Sara-ellen & Alan Greenberg
Elaine & H. Barton Greenspan
Melissa & Kevin Harris
Lynn & Yaron Helmer
Robyn & Michael Hirsch
Beth & K.C. Isdaner
Jerome Katz
Robert Kernish
Andrea & Neil Levin
Stacy & Andrew Levin
Suzanne Melissa & Victor Levy
Susan & Ian Meklinsky
Janet & Howard Mendel
Ann & Bernard Miller
Murphy's Fresh Markets
Fran & Donald Rebhun
Stacey & Edward Rivkin
Anita Rothstein
Naomi & Barry Schimmer
Clara & Larry Schreiber
Betsy & Robert Schwartz
Erin Miller & Donald Schwartz
Gail & Harvey Shapiro
Kelly & Eric Shore
Nancy Mazis-Wright &
    Stephen Smith
Allison & David Snyder
Janine & Mark Sobel
The Mildred M Soefer 
    Family Foundation
South Jersey Men's Club
Stephanie & Bradley Specter
Judy & Edgar Stein
Andrea & Steven Stomel
Jeannie & Lawrence Teller
Eric L. Toub Memorial Fund
Laura & Alan Wechsler
Sarah & Ron Zanger
Vicki & Brian Zell 

$500-$999 DONORS

Anonymous (2)
Caroline & Scott Austin
Lori & Carl Bagell
Inge Bass
Meghan & Scott Bass
Susan Bass Levin
Tara & Robert Benson
Bobbi & Larry Bernstein
Helene & Alan Blumenfeld
Jocelyn Borowsky
Donna & Douglas Cohen
Rhona & Sander Cohen
Stefanie & Steven Cohen
Donna & Douglas Cohen
Gloria & Richard Costow
Alison & Adam Coyne
Margery & Mark Dannenbaum 
Tracey Diamond
Leah & William Edelstein
Dorothy & Sam Feigenbaum
Joan Feinberg
Judy Franken
Abbey & David Gancz
Susan & Sol Genauer
Barbara & Elliott Goodfriend
Marlene & Robert Greenberg
Michael Greenspun
Bobbi & Gerald Grossman
Myra & David Gutin
Cindi & Yakir Hasit
Jamie Dollinger & Robert Hirsch
Sherri & Kenneth Hoffman
Tamara & Michael Jaspan
Sherri & Howard Jonas
Lori & Leonard Katz
Fran & Leon Levy 
Susan Love 
Ellen & Michael Lowenberger
Josh Matusow
Robert Meyer
Roslyn H. & Stanley Middleman
Marcy Montague
Ronald Murphy
Jackie & Charles Nusbaum
Alise & Kenneth Panitch
Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick & 
    Jeffrey Resnick
Jamie & Jesse Richman
Zev Rose
Sharon & Adam Sackstein
Satanover Landsmanshaft 
    of Philadelphia
Sydria & Scott Schaffer
Emily Schwartz
Barbara & Elliot Schwartz
Steven Shapiro
Susan & Stanley Shumas
Judith & David Weinberg
Jane & Donald Weisenstein
Linda Weiss
Judith & Leonard Wizmur
Leah & Jason Wolf

$1 - $499 DONORS

Anonymous (25)
Barbara & Stewart Abrams
Suzanne & JD Abrams
Sharon & Robert Acorcey
Jane & Rabbi Richard Address
Sharon & Jeffrey Adelman
Carol & Fred Adelson
Shelley Adler 
Betty Adler 
Jeannette & Jay Adler
Gloria & Scott Andersen
Karen & Terry Anderson 
Jan & Bruce Apple
Jill & Jesse Arnstein
Debbie & Reuven Ash
Jessica August
Sarah & Michael Bachner
Cathy & Marc Backal
Helen & Alan Baker
Sandira & Eric Barnett
Phyllis & Steve Barsky
Marcia & Edward Baruch
Susan & Arnold Baskies
Brian Bauerle
Scott Becker
Darcy & Jeffrey Becker
A. Harvey Belitsky
Karen & Jeffrey Bell
Jennifer & Andrew Bender
Pamela & Robert Benedon
Jodi Berman & Yaniv Ben-Natan
Celestine & Jeffrey Berg
Alayne & Steven Berkowitz
Susan & Michael Berkowitz
Evelyn & Alan Berkowitz
Leslie Blau-Berlin & Kenneth Berlin
Elana Berlin
Faye Berlin
Sandra & Fred Berman
Toby & Len Berman
Lynn & Stanley Berman
Tara & Michael Berman
Toby & Leonard Berman
Lynne Besen
Sadie Bess
Linda Bierig
Jayne Billinson
Julia & Lloyd Birnbaum
Amy & Andrew Blackstone
Susan & David Blain
Robin & Harris Blickman
Karen & Jerry Bliss
Jocelyn Block
Ruth & Richard Bogutz
Sylvia & Ronald Bookbinder
Susan & Robert Bookman
Allison & Steven Borenstein
Eugenia & Vladimir Boroda
Charlene Bosco
Ronit & Christopher Boyd
Linda Bradley
Barbara & Ron Brand
Roberta & Bruce Braverman
Michelle & David Brill
May Brill
Lois & David Bromberg
Debra Bromson
Laura Bronsky
Caryn & David Bross
Selma Blaker & Harold Brotman
Barbara & Peter Brown
Ilene & Drew Burach
Beverly & Carl Byck
Byron Home, Inc.
Jennifer & Michael Capozzoli
Richard Case
Shari & William Cave
Gail & Jay Chaskes
Susan & Paul Cherkas
Lauren & David Chesnick
Chevrah BBG
EllenBeth & Dennis Chianese
Ella Chick
Frances & Robert Chvala
Judith Dupuis & Ken Cills
Phyllis Clurman
Sandy & Andrew Cogan
Myrna & Larry Cohen
Donna & Douglas Cohen
Meredith Cohen
Joy & Andrew Cohen
Philip Cohen
Sonia Cohen
Mishel & Stephen Cohen
Rochelle Cohen
Susan & Harvey Cohen
Susan Coleman
Arlene & Harris Colton
Ellyn & Chris Cominetto
Jill & Michael Comman
Michelle & Gerald Convissar
Jodi Kaufman Cooper & 
    Stanley Cooper
Francine Cooper
Yvonne & Howard Cooper
Carla Janoff & John Coyle
Alyece & Steven Cummings
Janet & Aron Davidson
Leonard Denbo
Rita Denbo
Grace Denbo
Deborah & John Deren
Paula Goldberg & Larry Desmond
Marc Diamondstein
Ruth & Michael Dickerman
Shari & Keith Dickstein
Marsha Z Dollinger
Debbie & Brian Drachman
Kathleen Duffy
Denise Dunckley
Sandy & Jerry Ehrlich
Aviva Ehrlich
Robert Eisberg
Susan & Bruce Eisenberg
Rory & Daniel Eisenstein
Karen & Albert ElGrissy
Eileen & Robert Elias
Dina & Edi Eliezer
Liliana Elkouss
Lisa & Jeffrey Enda
Linda Engelmann
Joy Epstein
Gail & Rabbi Lewis Eron
Carolyn & Jonathan Eron
Hope & Ronald Ettinger
Michele & Joel Ettinger
Sheldon Faktorow
Stacy Lewin Farber & Daniel Farber 
Liliane & Benjamin Farkas
Joyce Feder
Martin Feigenbaum
Jerry Feldman
Nikki & Leonard Feldman
Naomi Feldman
Gerald Fendrick
Caren & Mark Fendrick
Charlene & Jay Fenster
Ellen & Abraham Ferdas
Debra & Allen Fineberg
Esther Dukes & Al Finkelstein
Sally & David Finkelstein
Carol & Bill Fisher
Marysue & Michael Flaherty
Harvey Flaxman
Laura & Richard Fonorow
Shanna Forman
Lois & Steven Forman
Barbara & Al Fox
Christina & Richard Fox
Melissa & Bill Fox
Elaine & Nathan Freed
Susan & Steven Freiberg
Bonnie Friedman
Linda Friedman
Vivian & Barton Friedman
Marcy & Brian Friedman
Linda & Eugene Friedman
Carly & Jon Friedman
Jaimee & Steven Friedman
Barbara & Henry Friedman
Alan Friedman
Glenn Fuhrman
Sharon & Sheldon Gans
Lori & Andrew Garber
Susan & Alan Geisler
Fran & Marc Gelman
Jane & Victor Gelman
Susan & Sol Genauer
Susan & Barry Gertsman
Gloria Fischel-Gilbert & Myron Gilbert
Nicole Gillespie
Muriel & Jack Ginsberg
Felice Ginsburg
Harriet & Larry Ginsburg
Marcy Glantz
Ann-Linn & Lawrence Glaser
Joanne & Phillip Glass
Susan & Michael Glassman
Bernice Glazier
Etta Glickman
Lori & Phillip Godorov
Ann & Edwin  Goldberg
Garry Goldberg
Kari & Jordan Goldberg
Jennifer Goldin
Amy Goldman
Andrea Goldman
Jackie & Stuart Goldstein
Michele & Curtis Golkow
Carol & Bruce Gooberman
Marsha Goodman
Tracy & Carl Goodman
Sandra & Richard Goodman
Melanie & David Goodstadt
Sandra Gordon
Daniel Gottlieb
Laura & Jeff Gottlieb
Darcy & Micah Grabenstein
Wendy & Vicente Gracias
Joel Grantz
Janine Breier & Richard Greenberg
Marilyn Greenberg
Robin & Stephen Greenberg
Helen & David Grimm
Alisa Gross
Henry Guterman
Ruth & Eric Halpern
Helen & James Hansen
Melissa Heaney
Kristen Hearn
Elinor & Peter Hecht
Rachel Heine
Trish Henrich
Judith & Steven Herzberg
Rebecca Herzberg
Karen & Marc Hess
Estherose Heyman
Michelle Higgins
Naomi & Robert Y. Hilbronner
Susan & Andrew Hirsch
Renee & David Hollander
Steve Horovitz
Susan & Harry Horwitz
Jill & David Hulnick
Marsha Hyman
Aaron Inver
Diane & Eytan Irwin
Susan & Daniel Isenberg
Deena & Martin Iskowitz
Meira Itzkowitz
Barbara & Mark Jacobs
Katherine & Michael Jacobs
Cindy Jacobson
Audrey & Jonathan Jaffe
Leila & Ian Joffe
Lisa & Mark Joseph
Debra Judlowitz
Lynn & William Jungreis
Susan & Joel Kaber
Alan Kagan
Suzanne & Richard Kahn
Rosalie Kaminsky
Judi & Donald Kaplan
Martha & Frank Karasick
Lois & Alvin Katz
Leslie Garonzik-Katz & Bernard Katz
Sharon Kaytes
Ellyn & Jonathon Kellerman
Ellen & Gary Kershner
Miriam Kessler
Julie Lehrman & Edward Kilsdonk
Robin & Lance Kimmelman
Lawrence Klee
Tammy Klein
Helene & Ronald Klimberg
Max Klingenstein
Rosalyn & Richard Knopf
Esther & Peter Kober
Sandra & Gary Kodish
Donna & Michael Koenig
Deborah Shore & Jonathan Korn
David Korngruen
Jane Kramer
Julie & Robert Kratchman
Ruth Kravet
Nancy & John Kravitz
Linda Kronstadt
Elyse & Mark Krug
Rachel & Alfred Kurz
Harry Kushner
Rochelle & Jonathan Kwartler
Sandy Lacher
Robin Sue & William Landsburg
Carol & David Laskin
Erica & Josh Laster
Jennifer & Andrew Laver
Michael Lazar
Cheryl & David Lebowitz
Maria Leizerovich
Rachel LeMay
Michele Lerman
Sheila Levick
Lynne & Andrew Levin
Stacy & Andrew Levin
Kimberly & Ben Levin
Judith Levine
Marci & Jason Levine
Paula & Martin Levine
Evelyn & Arthur Levit
Rebecca & Warren Levy
Elaine Levy  
Phyllis & Michael Levy 
Ellen & Jay Levy
Arlene & Michael Lewis
Yael & Amir Liba
Rhoda Lichtenstadter
Carole & Jules Lieberman 
Ron Lieberman
Renee & David Lieberman
Phyllis & Jerome Lightman
Adena Adler & Philip Liloia
Beth Lincow Cole
Jodie & Mark Littwin
Andrea Loew
Patricia & Joel Magnus
Gail & Herbert Magnus
Myra & Herb Malamut
Shirley Malitz
Ronda & Steven Manders
Dinie & Rabbi Mendel Mangel
Jan & Marc Manger
Wendy & Charles Marder
Karen & Steven Marinoff
Karen & Bruce Marks
Jennifer & Alexander Matro
Linda & Henry Maurer
Rachel Domers-McCarthy & 
    Patrick McCarthy
Stephanie & Mitchell Medoff
Debra & Nelson Mellitz
Shoshana & Edward Melman
Ellen Specter-Melstein & 
    Harrison Melstein
Elaine Mendelow
Marla & Daniel Meyers
Elise & Myron Miller
Sylvia & Michael Miller
Barbara Miller
Marilyn Mindel
Jackie & Robert Mintz
Pnina & Mark Mintz
Janet & Jay Mintzer
Naomi & Seth Mirowitz
Rosalie Mittelman
Randee & Alan Moldoff
Hope & Keith Morgan
Judie & Harry Morrow
Janet Moss
Henrietta Mustokoff
Jamie Green & Ivan Nadler
Donna & Ehud Nahum
Beth & Behrooz Nazer
Marc Neff
Janet Neufeld
Linda & Eric Newman
Carole Newman
Suzin Odlen
Susan & David Olinsky
Terri & Zach Oppenheimer
Irvin Orel
Craig Oren
Leona Oriolo
Margo & Alan Orlin
Carol & Jonathan Orwitz
Marcy & Michael Partnow
Sally Ann & Ron Passarelli
Bruce Paul
Rachel Zivic & Rabbi Micah Peltz
Katherine & Michael Perloff
Barbara & Robert Pick
Arlene & Edward Plasky
Joan Cooper & David Plaut
Nancy Pleshko
Suzanne & Gary Polikoff
Brenda & Alan Pollack
Lynne & Brian Pollock
Rita & Alan Polonsky
Adrienne Polonsky
Marianne Pontillo
Marcia & Michael Postelnek
Hope & Michael Proper
Judith Pyle
Shari & Sam Rabinowitz
Marni & Jay Rabinowitz
Gail Miller & Martin Raffner
Barbara Raiken
Renee & Walt Ramick
Cheryl & Alan Raskas
Marnie & Scott Raskas
Andrea Rauer
Helene & David Raush
Bill Rayner
Minna Recht
Joel Respes
Ruth & Alan Respler
Denyse Richman
James Rivard
Sivya & Gary Romisher
Karen & Joel Rosen
Sandra & Stuart Rosenbaum
Sylvia Rosenberg
Pamela & Scott Rosenberg
Sheryl Rosenberg
Mindy & Benjamin Rosenblum
Margery Ann & David Ross
Sharon Roth-Lichtenfeld & 
    Kenneth Roth
Carol Hirschfeld Roth & Jeff Roth
Barbara & David Rothberg
Leslie & Steven Rothberg
Phyllis & Marc Rothman
Leora Rothschild
Ivy & Eric Rovner
Gail & Bernard Rudin
Gerri & Arthur Rudner
Lea Alvo-Sadiky & Hooshang Sadiky
Loretta Sadowski
Jennifer & Ron Safier
Jennifer & Nick Sakaleros
The Martin & Nora Salzman 
Valerie & Eric Samansky
Marcy Sanders
Sherry Sandler
Janet & Joseph Santo
Jane & N. Dennis Satanoff
Carol Kurman & Jack Sattin
Sherry & Stuart Sauer
Shira & Brian Scanlon
Ashley Klayman-Schaeffer & 
    Jason Schaeffer
Burton Schaffer
Helen & Nat Schatz
Karen & David Schlessel
Janis & Mark Schnitzer
Kayla Schorr
Lori Schuldiner Schor
Harriet Schulman
Sharon & Richard Schwab
Samuel Schwartz
Mindy & Erik Schwartz
Lara & Eric Schwartz
Lucy & David Schwarz
Lewis Schwarz
Janet & Lawrence Sclaroff
Beverly Segal
Abbie & Bruce Seher
Gail & Richard Selznick
Hilary Sennett
Susan Denbo-Serlin & David Serlin
Rebecca & Rabbi Larry Sernovitz
Robin & Jeff Shacket
Alison & Mark Shapiro
Marc Shapiro
Judith Shapiro
Diane & Arthur Shapiro
Elana & Brian Shaw
Leslie Solitrin & Howard Sheldon
Rachel & Robert Shmuts
Jennifer & Brett Sholder
Nancy & Jeffrey Shubach
Mindy & Kenneth Siegel
Laurie & Edward Silver
Anne Lubeck & Peter Silverberg
Janet & Arthur Simons
Melissa & Jonathan Sinrich
Aimee & Eric Sitnick
Jessica & Justin Skolnick
Karen & Neal Slutsky
Shelly & Ira Smith
Geri & Ira Smith
Judith Smoller
Marjorie Sobel
Helene Sokoloff
Arlene & Joel Spector
Barbara Spector
Ellen & David Spitz
Sarah Kaplan & Jason Springer
Megan & Michael Staff 
Marlyn & Harry Starkman
Tema Steele 
Pearl Stein 
Meredith Stein
Renee & Saul Steinberg
Faith & James Steinberg
Dana & Howard Steiner
Phyllis Steinsaltz
Michelle & Ian Sterling
Fredda Sacharow & Steven Stern
Sheila & Fred Stern
Jodi & Alvin Stern
Lisa & Marc Stofman
Brett Studner
Warren Suckonic
Rolane & Stephen Sunshine
Michele & Barry Susson
Alice Sustek
Adam Tate
Jamie & Alan Tate
Fran Weiner-Taub & William Taub
Miriam Stern & Beth Taubman
Terri Teitelbaum
Temple Beth Sholom
Les Thompson
Naomi & Michael Tillinger
Susan & Mark Trager
Ronni Trainor
Irene Giman & Glenn Trommer
Muriel Troy
Ellen & Kenneth Turner
Frances & Harris Twersky
Union for Reform Judaism
Ronda & Alan Urkowitz 
Jeannette Valentine
Amy Van Fossen
Marla & Gary Vecchio
Aimee Rudman & Alan Vladimir
Eva & Elias Vlessing
Michele Zeldner & H. Ian Wachstein
Barbara & Joseph Walkes
Rabbi Nathan Weiner & Samuel Warren
Lynne & Diego Warszawski
Rochelle & Bernard Waters
Richard Watson
Jo-Ann & Howard Waxman
Barbara & Marvin Waxman
Melissa & Adam Wayne
Joan Wechter
Susan Weiner
Sheila & Herbert Weiner
Hilda-Ann & Bruce Weinger
Karin Elkis & Steven Weinstein
Jane & Donald Weisenstein
Jennifer & James Weiss
Ilana Weiss
Judi Weiss
Amanda & Adam Weissman
Janet & Richard Weissman
Miriam & Harold Weitzman
Julie & Jason Whitney
Sidney Williams
Justin Wineburgh
Carl Winter
Susan & Marc Witte
Ann & Daniel Wolf
Carol & Dave Wolfe
Kathryn Wright
Roslyn & David Wynne
Beth & Craig Wynne
Megan & Brian Yellin
Marsha & Leonard Yorinks
Anne & Lawrence Zack
Sarah & David Zalcmann
Leslie & Mark Zaontz
Sally & Andrew Zeiberg
Ruth Zeiger
Shanna Zell
Allyson & Mark Zinman
Stephanie & Andrew Zinn
Jessica & David Zuckerman