27 2019

JFED: Torah for your Soul Siyyum

1:00PM - 2:00PM  

Jewish Community Campus 1301 Springdale Road
Cherry Hill, NJ

Contact Charlene Green

To honor the victims of the Pittsburgh Jewish community, we ask our Southern New Jersey community to participate in our Torah for the Soul: Mishna Nishama program. Through the mitzvah of Torah study, we will honor our brothers and sisters of blessed memory.

In Jewish tradition, the community completes a unit of Torah, Mishnah, or Talmud study in the days following the death of a beloved family member or friend. At its completion, we hold a communal siyyum (Hebrew: סיום‎) (“completion”) in tribute and honor of the deceased. 

We invite you to choose an individual Mishna passage, a chapter, or a tractate (book) of Mishnah, to study in memory of our brothers and sisters from the Tree of Life Congregation.

And on Super Sunday, January 27, at 1 pm at the JCC, we will complete our study together and celebrate with a Seudat Mitzvah, a meal to mark the completion of a commandment. 

Light refreshments will be served.

For more information, and the Mishna passages, visit our webpage: www.jewishsouthjersey.org/torahsoul.