Summer 2015: spend five weeks in our partnership city of Arad, Israel, volunteering in an English-speaking day camp. A select group Partnership young adults have an opportunity to participate in this unique experience. Help Israeli children improve their English skills in a fun camp setting!  Applicants must be ages 19-24.


PARTNERSHIP2GETHER (P2G), formerly Parnership 2000 (P2K), is the Jewish Agency for Israel's most successful and effective model for building direct, enduring, and meaningful partnerships between global Jewish communities and communities in Israel. P2G connects 550 communities in Israel and around the world, North and South America, Europe, Australia, and South Africa, in over 45 different partnerships, involving more than 350,000 Jewish people currently participating in one of the Partnership's hundreds of programs. 


The New Jersey/Delaware - Arad/Tamar PARTNERSHIP2GETHER

Established in 1995, the New Jersey/Delaware - Arad/Tamar partnership is an inspiring social framework that connects Jewish American communities in New Jersey and Delaware with the city of Arad and the Tamar Regional Council in Israel. Through the leadership of Jewish Federations from New Jersey and Delaware and the regional P2G office in Arad, a warm and enduring partnership between Jewish Americans and Israelis is constantly developed and nurtured. 


The heart of the partnership lies within a network of community outreach programs that offer a variety of social and educational services, as well as diverse cultural enrichment, for children and youth. Many partnership programs serve as a "living bridge" between Israelis and Jewish Americans who take part in overseas collaborations, as well as volunteer work in Israel, strengthening their Jewish identities in the process. 


Hand in hand, Jewish communities from both sides of the Atlantic help empower one another, stimulate awareness and learning, develop their Jewish identity, and design the blueprint for a better tomorrow for all. 


Our partner regions are:



Located on the outskirts of the Negev and Judean Deserts, Arad is notable for its clean air, dry climate, and riveting landscape, as well as for its diverse population. Founded in 1962 as a small settlement in the desert, Arad gradually came of age, much like Israel itself, offering its residents quality living conditions within a warm community environment. Today, Arad is home to approximately 27,000 residents, over a third of which are immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. Most of Arad's adult population works within the Dead Sea's hotel and tourism sector, as well as in local plants and factories, while many Israeli painters and sculptors reside and work within the city's enchanting Artist Quarter.


Arad serves as a melting pot between people from a wide variety of ethnicities, countries, and cultures, mixing secular with orthodox and immigrants with second and third generation residents, who all live together peacefully and with utmost tolerance and respect. Arad's residents are known for their volunteer spirit and have received numerous awards for their community service. Arad has experienced positive changes in recent years: two shopping centers are under construction, sidewalks have been re-paved, and the culture scene is undergoing an exciting revival. The city's residents agree that Arad is filled with an intoxicating aura of contentment. 


The Tamar Region

As every Israeli will attest, Tamar is truly one of Israel’s most breathtaking regions. Known for its felicitous mix of nature and human settlement and located on the southwest shores of the Dead Sea, the region is characterized by its calming solitude, vast areas, and sparse population, as well as by its wide selection of hotels and tourist attractions. The Tamar Regional Council is home to approximately 1,300 residents, who reside in the settlements of Ein Tamar, Neot HaKikar, Neve Zohar, Har Amasa, and Ein Hatzeva, as well as in the Kibbutz of Ein Gedi.


The majority of Tamar's resident's work in the agriculture, tourism and art sectors. Regardless of the region's harsh living conditions, they have succeeded in developing new kinds of fruits and vegetables and creating a rich, diverse and unique community.


Often described as “the lowest place on earth,” the Dead Sea area is located 1,365 feet below sea level. The Dead Sea is known for its calm-inducing air, as well as for its high salinity levels and extreme water density that allow bathers to float effortlessly in the water. The Dead Sea and clean desert air are the sources of Tamar region's famous therapeutic prowess, which attracts many visitors from all over the world.


The Jewish history of the region

Arad's uniqueness stems not only from its climate, landscape, and people, but also from the region's ancient Jewish history, remnants of which are evident to this day. Arad is located a mere 12 miles from the historic Masada fortification, the site of the Romans' siege against the Jews that rebelled against the Empire in 73 AD. Six miles west of Arad lies the archaeological site of Tel-Arad, an ancient city with remains from the Bronze, Iron, and Byzantine ages, including the only Judean temple uncovered by archeologists to date. Not far from Arad, in Ein Gedi, lie the famous remnants of the ancient synagogue dating back to 300 AD, which include a breathtakingly beautiful mosaic floor. Visitors are also often intrigued by the natural pillar named "Lot's wife," made entirely of salt and located atop Mount Sodom.  


Summer 2015: spend five weeks in our partnership city of Arad, Israel, volunteering in an English-speaking day camp. A select group Partnership young adults have an opportunity to participate in this unique experience. Help Israeli children improve their English skills in a fun camp setting!  Applicants must be ages 19-24. Click HERE for an application.


Mifgash - Gap Year Program

Experience an authentic encounter between Jewish teens from Israel and the Diaspora, one in which all of the teens learn together and learn from one another. This year-long program begins at the end of August and runs through July 1. 

Volunteer Program

In the middle of the Negev Desert lies the growing community of Arad. This special city has been welcoming volunteers for all of its 35 years, but only in the past year and a half has it become so easy. Through this program, initiated by the Jewish Agency for Israel and through P2G, Americans may come to live, experience, and become part of the city in exchange for 20 hours of volunteer work per week. 

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